Customer Experience Management Explained [11 Top Tips]

Customer Experience Management Explained [11 Top Tips]

Have you overly been so excited to receive an online order, only to unshut up the wordage to find a wrenched product? If the consumer superintendency team goes whilom and vastitude to resolve the issue, your frustrating wits can be morphed into a positive one. That’s why consumer wits management is a quick way to win people’s hearts.

In this article, we’ll walk through what you need to know well-nigh consumer wits management and how it can modernize your business, including the top consumer wits tools and tactics you can try yourself.

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What is consumer wits management?

Customer wits management (CEM or CXM) is the process of managing and improving the way customers interact with your business. CEM uses data gathered at every interaction to modernize customers’ perception of your company.

At its core, customer wits management is all well-nigh understanding and improving how customers interact with your business. This ways everything from how your customers discover you online to the interactions they have with your employees in-store.

Examining your consumer journey from start to finish allows you to identify areas of friction and areas of opportunity.

Why is consumer wits management important?

Customer wits management can help businesses to foster a positive image in their customers’ eyes. And it can help build stronger relationships with your customers. Companies that provide a unconfined consumer wits will unchangingly have a competitive edge.

You can create loyal trademark advocates when your consumer wits management is on point. A loyal customer’s lifetime value is much, much higher than a one-off purchaser. Bad consumer experiences can forfeit you your reputation. But plane just a meh consumer wits is detrimental to your success.

What is the difference between CEM and CRM?

Customer wits management (CEM) and consumer relationship management (CRM) are variegated perspectives on the same relationship. But while CRM focuses on the company’s view of a customer, CEM looks at the customer’s view of the company.

Think of it like this: CRM looks at your sales funnel. Where can you as a company meet your customer? CEM, on the other hand, considers your consumer touchpoints. Where do your customers interact with your company?

CRM is well-nigh improving internal processes, while CEM looks at your visitor holistically.

What is vendee wits management?

Is consumer wits the same thing as vendee experience? Well, not really. Though the terms are often used interchangeably, they’re not synonymous.

That’s considering a consumer may have a single transactional purchase with an organization. Clients, on the other hand, often engage over longer periods of time centered virtually long-term services.

11 ways consumer wits management can modernize your business

By investing in your consumer wits management, you can modernize the health of your business. You’ll see real results, like increased revenue and profitability. Plus, you’ll build a strong wiring of loyal, happy customers, which ways plane increasingly revenue lanugo the road.

Here are 11 ways a strong consumer wits management strategy can modernize your business.

1. Helps you understand customer’s wants and needs

Creating a consumer wits strategy ways putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. It’s like psychology — you need to know their wants, needs, fears, and desires inside and out. Then, you can understand how to largest deliver.

To do this, you can use consumer wits tools to collect data on your audience. For example, Hootsuite’s social listening features can show you what (and how) your customers talk well-nigh you online.

Hootsuite Insights (powered by Brandwatch) makes it easy to track trademark sentiment with intuitive word clouds and meters that gauge your sentiment and trademark sensation versus the competition.

Request a demo of Hootsuite Insights

You can moreover use consumer wits tools like consumer surveys to proceeds insight into their wits with your brand. These deep insights will help you to unhook on their wants proactively. And what’s largest than someone giving you something you want surpassing you plane ask for it?

2. Build emotional connections with customers

At their core, these strategies are well-nigh largest serving your customers, which will help you build stronger emotional connections with them. To do that, you need to provide a personalized service and seamless journey.

Finding out what your customers want and giving it to them is a start. But you will moreover want to visualize their needs to reach them on an emotional level. It’s not unbearable anymore to just make things easy. In the consumer journey, squint for opportunities where you can welter your customers.

Take dog supplies suppliers Chewy, for example. When a consumer tabbed to ask well-nigh returns, Chewy learned her pup had passed over the rainbow bridge. They sent the grieving family flowers with a vellum signed by their consumer superintendency team member.

3. Capture negative feedback surpassing it goes live

One of the unconfined advantages of having consumer support yack built into your strategy is that you can capture issues surpassing they turn into bad reviews. But if you can’t offer 24-hour live yack support, a chatbot can be a lifesaver.

Tools like consumer service chatbots offer a golden opportunity to fix problems surpassing they get bigger.

Attitude consumer service chatbot

Source: Heyday

Customers who have their problems stock-still are usually pretty receptive to giving your visitor flipside shot. Mistakes happen; we’re only human. (Except for the chatbots, of course. They’re just trappy pieces of consumer wits management software.)

4. Decrease consumer churn

Your churn rate, or the rate at which customers stop using your business, is an important measure of overall consumer happiness. It’s pretty simple math: Happy customers equal less churn.

When people finger seen and cared for by your brand, they’re less likely to take their merchantry elsewhere.

That’s why making sure your existing customers are happy can lead to significant savings for your business. It financing a lot less to alimony an existing consumer than it does to reap a new one.

5. Uplift consumer loyalty

Loyal customers midpoint increasingly than just reduced consumer churn. When customers have a good wits with your business, they are increasingly likely to recommend you to others. This uplift in loyalty can act as word-of-mouth marketing and increase your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

NPS is used to measure your consumer wits and satisfaction. It’s calculated on a 0-10 scale, bucketed into three cohorts: detractors (0-6), passives (7-8), and promoters (8-10). When your consumer is a promoter, they’re substantially a trademark advocate.

6. Lower support costs

Customers who have a good wits with your merchantry are less likely to need support.

There are fewer complaints which ways less stress on your consumer service team. This results in lower support costs, fewer dissatisfied customers, and a happier consumer service team.

7. Increase sales

If you’ve made it easy for customers to well-constructed their purchase, they’re more likely to buy from you again in the future.

Plus, satisfied customers are moreover increasingly likely to refer others to your business.

8. Enhance trademark reputation

A positive consumer wits improves how people perceive your brand. When you’re mapping out your consumer wits strategy, alimony your platonic trademark perception in mind.

Do you, like Coca-Cola, want to be known for happiness? Then you could take a page out of their typesetting and add joyful touchpoints to your customer’s day. How fun was it to find a Coke snifter with your name on it?

Coca-Cola bottles with names

Source: Coca-Cola

9. Modernize employee satisfaction

If you work for a visitor that is minion by customers, you’re going to like your job a little bit more. Interacting with happy people who have a unconfined consumer wits may raise internal employee morale.

When your employees are happy, there is less turnover. Turnover, unscientific by LinkedIn, can forfeit a visitor 1.5-2 times the employee’s salary. This number may seem high, but it includes intangible losses like the employee’s visitor knowledge and strain placed on the remaining team.

10. Create a competitive advantage

Businesses that excel at consumer wits management have a leg up on their competition. This competitive advantage can help you vamp increasingly customers and grow your business.

Trader Joe’s, for example, has an scrutinizingly cult-like following. And yes, in part it’s due to their off-beat and delightful product offerings. But that on its own isn’t enough.

Trader Joe’s moreover invests heavily in consumer service and understanding the friction points of traditional grocery shopping. You only have to scan the Trader Joe’s freezer aisle, where they’ve removed the cumbersome, worrying freezer doors, to see their strategy in action.

11. Generate social media buzz

If something happens and it’s not posted on social media, did it unquestionably happen?

When people wits something notable, they post well-nigh it. Dedicate your consumer wits strategy to creating a delightful wits for your customers. Some of them will likely share that story, possibly on their Story. (See what we did there?)

User-generated content (UGC) is unconfined for your own social content. When people turn into online advocates for your trademark or share a positive experience, they create social proof that your trademark is legit. Then, that positive trademark wits sits in front of all their followers. You, my friend, have just gained some free, constructive advertising.

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Top consumer wits management tactics to try

There are a ton of tactics you can use today to get your consumer wits management off the ground. We’ll walk you through a few easy wins to get you started.

Use a chatbot to engage with your customers

Chatbots are a very easy win for your consumer wits management. Install one anywhere your customers may reach out to you. That includes your website, your social media accounts, and your apps.

Chatbots have a ton of advantages when it comes to engaging your customers. You can empower them with answers to your commonly asked questions. This allows customers to get instant feedback on their FAQs. People don’t like waiting virtually for answers, expressly simple ones.

Just make sure you segregate a chatbot that will unhook on your customers’ wants. You may need a multilingual chatbot if your consumer wiring is multinational. Or, maybe your customers unchangingly want to track their orders; an ecommerce chatbot could be a good choice.

Jack & Jones men's style virtual assistant

Source: Heyday

Something else to consider is your chatbot’s personality. You’ll want to make sure you can program the chatbot to speak in your trademark voice. If you can, giving your chatbot a likable avatar is an easy way to modernize the consumer experience. And segregate a chatbot that has natural language processing skills to largest relate to your customers.

DeSerres virtual assistant

Source: Heyday

Hootsuite’s number one chatbot is Heyday. Heyday is an AI-powered chatbot that turns conversations into customers. It can do all the whilom and more.

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Build a consumer journey map

A customer journey map allows you to visualize the steps a consumer takes when interacting with your business. It can requite you real insights into your customers’ needs, fears, desires, and goals. You’ll be left with a largest understanding of their thoughts, feelings, and pain points.

Customer journey maps are particularly useful in highlighting areas for resurgence and opportunities.

For example, you may notice your customers have to physically undeniability your store or team when an issue arises. This can provide a point of friction; some people *cough cough, millennials* hate talking on the phone. Or, in the specimen of Deaf or hard-of-hearing folks, will find it inaccessible. A chatbot on your website can make it easier for people to get in touch.

By identifying each consumer touchpoint and mapping out the steps involved, you will proceeds a largest understanding of the overall consumer experience. This, in turn, can help you to identify ways to modernize the journey and make it increasingly efficient and delightful for your customers.

Create a consumer wits strategy

A customer wits strategy unmistakably defines the steps and tactics you’ll take to modernize your consumer experience. An constructive strategy defines your goals and the deportment you’ll take to unzip them. Then, it considers how to measure and optimize your efforts.

Your goal could be, for example, to reduce consumer churn (low consumer churn is a unconfined indication of a solid consumer experience) by 10% in a quarter. Part of your strategy is to determine what is causing consumer churn, which can be achieved by consumer journey mapping and consumer surveys. Then, fix the issues you uncover.

Here’s a simple way to measure your consumer churn. At the end of the quarter, subtract your number of current customers from the number of customers you had at the start of the quarter. Then, divide that total by the number of customers you started with.

Let’s say you had 500 customers at the start of Q1 and 450 at the end. You can summate your churn rate like so: (500 – 450) / 500 = 10%

After creating a consumer wits strategy, you will have a plan in hand for reaching your consumer wits goals.

Use data to understand demographics

The right chatbot gathers information each time it interacts with one of your consumers. Chatbot analytics isn’t something you should be sleeping on. If you’ve implemented a chatbot, then take a deep swoop into the data it’s gathered. This is an spanking-new tool for understanding your consumer demographics.

The largest you know a group of people, the largest you can tailor the wits you offer to what they want.

Engage with customers through social listening

You’ll want to know what customers are saying well-nigh your brand: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Alimony an ear to the ground with social listening.

hootsuite insights mention volume over time

Hootsuite Insights helps you make sense of millions of consumer conversations happening in real time, so you can stay on top of trends and set strategies with confidence.

Request a demo of Hootsuite Insights

Customers moreover like to finger heard. When they post well-nigh your trademark or a topic that relates to you, responding is a unconfined way to build relationships and foster a connection.

You can alimony your finger on the pulse by tracking trademark mentions, consumer feedback, and industry trends. And you’ll stay relevant within the communities you’re a part of.

Plus, if you’ve got a taunting trademark voice, responding to people with humor is the perfect way to surprise, delight, and foster a positive consumer experience.

Ask them what they want

You won’t know if you don’t ask. Without they’ve interacted with you, ask your customers what went well and where you can improve.

There are tons of variegated types of surveys you can send out that will help you understand and modernize your consumer experience.

One of those is the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) survey, which uses specific questions like “How satisfied were you with your wits at the ABC Cafe?” to get granular, reliable data.

Top consumer wits management software

These days, brands need a stacked toolbox to stay competitive. There’s a lot of consumer wits management software out there, but it can be overwhelming to segregate between them. So, to stave stuff paralyzed by choice, we’ve put together a list of tried and tested tools.

Heyday for consumer service

Heyday is our nomination chatbot for consumer service. There is a lot that chatbots can do for your business, including improving your consumer response rates.

Heyday automates consumer support requests like answers to FAQs and product recommendations. And it can offer in-store visit bookings. Heyday uses conversational AI to converse naturally with your customers. The results are a smooth, organic conversation.

Request a Heyday Demo

Hootsuite for social listening, engagement, and surveys

Hootsuite has a ton of helpful features to help modernize your consumer experience. Insights, the social listening tool we mentioned above, is one surefire win.

But if you don’t need a social listening tool that’s quite as robust, you can moreover use Hootsuite Streams to engage with your customers on whatever social media waterworks they prefer.

Source: Hootsuite

You can use Streams (custom feeds that show up in your Hootsuite dashboard) to track all the important conversations in your field. You can plane set up filters to monitor conversations by keyword, hashtag, and location. It’s a unconfined way to stay on top of your own business—and one step superiority of the competition.

Hootsuite moreover integrates with tools like Sparkcentral, so you can hands send out and collect surveys.

Shopify for ecommerce

Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms. It is extremely easy to get set up on and operate, making it a minion piece of software by beginners and experts alike.

If you’re using Shopify to host your ecommerce store, don’t forget to take wholesomeness of the chatbot integration from Heyday by Hootsuite.

Salesforce for your CRM needs

Salesforce is a powerful tool for managing all your company’s relationships with customers. The goal of using CRM software like Sales Cloud is to streamline your processes and modernize your profitability. You’ll be worldly-wise to track:

  • contracts,
  • outstanding orders, and
  • manage consumer relationships wideness their unshortened lifecycle.

Salesforce is a useful consumer wits management platform considering of its worthiness to take superintendency of all your CRM needs.

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