These Tested Picks Sound Great, Whether For Workouts Or Gaming. In today's market, there are many different types, shapes, and sizes of Bluetooth wireless headphones that you can choose from. So how do you choose the best option for you? It can be very difficult to narrow down your options when there are so many options available to you. When it comes to choosing headphones, it is a very difficult task since there are so many options to choose from such as full-size headphones, true-wireless earbuds, noise-canceling headphones, and many others. It can be difficult to make a good choice when it comes to Bluetooth headphones.

It's hard to say what wireless headphones will suit your needs, but we've compiled a good list of the best wireless headphones and earbuds options to help you get started. Audio quality is only one factor to consider when choosing headphones. Concerning voice calling and noise canceling, the key ingredients in what makes a "best wireless headphone" boil down to these factors: being wireless, comfort (design), sound quality, feature set, and overall performance. The durability, battery life, and value of the product are also considered.

If For more refined lists of headphones and earbuds, we have plenty to choose from, including the best wireless earbuds, noise-canceling headphones, workout headphones, and the best headphones for making calls. Check out the list below before buying them:

Apple AirPods Max

There is a dynamic driver designed by Apple that provides high-fidelity audio to the device. It allows you to immerse yourself in music without being disturbed by outside noise thanks to Active Noise Cancellation. There is a transparent mode that allows you to hear everything around you and interact with it in a seamless way. It is possible to create a realistic theater-like experience by using spatial audio and dynamic head tracking. For a truly immersive listening experience, computational audio combines custom acoustic design with Apple's H1 chip and software to deliver a breakthrough experience. It offers an exceptional fit thanks to its knit-mesh canopy and memory foam ear cushions for a comfortable and secure fit. The magic of this device lies in its effortless setup, on-head detection, and seamless switching between devices during the setup process. With AirPods, you can easily share audio between two AirPods on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV. It's as easy as that. There is no need to worry about getting tired when listening, watching movies, or talking with Active Noise Cancellation and spatial audio enabled. With the slim Smart Case, you can store your device in ultra-low power mode to conserve energy.

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

Featuring Apple's H2 chip, the audio performance is enhanced even further, resulting in smarter noise cancellation and a more immersive sound experience. This low-distortion, the custom-built driver provides crisp, clear high notes as well as deep, rich bass that is in stunning definition due to its low distortion. In this way, every sound has become more vibrant than ever before. Please note that if the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear canals, or if your headset is not worn properly in your ears, you may not be able to achieve the best sound quality or performance when making a call. Replace the earbud tips on your headphones with ones that fit more snugly in your ears. Compared to the previous AirPods Pro, the AirPods Pro offers up to 2x more active noise cancellation for drastically less noise on your commute or while you are focusing. Real-time adaptive transparency lets you listen comfortably to the world around you, even during intense noises. Four silicone tip sizes (XS, S, M, L) provide all-day comfort for a wider range of ears. The acoustic seal keeps out noise and secures AirPods Pro. Spatial Audio surrounds you with just the right sound. Immerse yourself in music and movies with dynamic head tracking. The button controls playback, pause and call answering, or active noise cancellation and adaptive transparency. You can listen for up to 6 hours with Active Noise Cancellation enabled - 33% longer than the original AirPods Pro. Precision Finding and a built-in speaker help you find AirPods Pro. Apple Watch or MagSafe chargers, Lightning connectors, or Qi-certified chargers are all options. Siri is accessible by saying "Hey Siri". Auto-switching between devices, in-ear detection, and easy setup. Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch all support Audio Sharing.

Google Pixel Buds Pro

With Active Noise Cancellation with Silent Seal, Pixel Buds Pro adapt to your ear and block outside sounds so your music can shine. Using the wrong size earbud tips or wearing a headset improperly may result in poor sound or call quality. Replace your earbud tips with ones that fit snugly. The earbuds sound amazing at any volume due to 11 mm speaker drivers and Volume EQ. The battery lasts up to 11 hours of listening time, or up to 31 hours with the charging case; you can charge them wirelessly with Pixel Stand or other Qi-certified chargers. When you're crossing the street, these modes help you be more aware of your surroundings by allowing you to hear outside sounds in real time. You can use your hands-free device to ask for directions, respond to a text, or control your music. With beamforming mics, a voice accelerometer, and wind-blocking mesh covers, you can make crystal-clear calls anywhere. The Pixel Buds Pro are water-resistant, so you can wear them even when it's raining. Switch between compatible devices effortlessly, so you can listen to music on your phone while taking a call on your laptop.

Sony WH-1000XM5

With their WH-1000XM5 wireless headphones with multiple microphones, they block out more high- and mid-frequency sounds. Four microphones on each earcup are their biggest step forward in noise cancellation. High-frequency noise is dramatically reduced by capturing ambient sound more accurately. As a result of external factors such as atmospheric pressure, noise-canceling performance is always automatically optimized. With the Sony Integrated Processor V1, our HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1 is unlocked to its full potential. An eight-mic combination ensures unparalleled noise-canceling performance. Carbon fiber composite material is used in the 30 mm driver unit to improve high-frequency sensitivity. With Sony's unique technologies, the speaker features a premium lead-free solder with gold for excellent conductivity, a Fine Sound Resistor that distributes power evenly, and optimized circuitry for improved signal-to-noise ratio. Featuring newly developed soft-fit leather, these lightweight headphones are beautifully finished. While keeping out external sounds, this material fits snugly around the head with less pressure on the ears. WH-1000XM5 is a pleasure to wear thanks to its noiseless design, seamless swivel, and hanger.

Beats Fit Pro

Comfortable and secure-fit wingtips make Beats Fit Pro ideal for active wear. Designed for athletes of all kinds, these earbuds stay in place during workdays and workouts. These earbuds are fully vented, so you can wear them all day. The earphones come with three pairs of soft silicone ear tips. Through a custom acoustic platform, Beats Fit Pro delivers powerful, balanced sound that stays with you throughout the day. Two-chamber housing houses a proprietary, dual-element driver, resulting in outstanding stereo separation. The advanced digital processor then optimizes audio for loudness and clarity while simultaneously eliminating noise. With Beats Fit Pro, you can experience immersive music, movies, and games2. The sound adjusts with your head movements using gyroscopes and accelerometers, giving you a three-dimensional experience. You can choose between two listening modes. It continuously pinpoints unwanted external sounds and optimizes sound output using real-time audio calibration. In transparency mode, you can keep an eye on your surroundings. Ambient sounds and environmental sounds are captured by external-facing microphones. Beats Fit Pro is equipped with the Apple H1 chip to handle any day. You can pair your Apple devices with one touch. Your audio will be rerouted when you switch between iPhone and Mac or iPad. Share your favorite music with all of your friends using Beats Audio Sharing (or Apple AirPods). 6 hours of listening time6 are provided by the earbuds, plus another 18 hours by the pocket-sized charging case.

Soundcore by Anker Space A40

There is an upgraded noise-canceling system on the Space A40 that blocks out a wider range of distracting noises. The space you need to focus on will always be available to you, no matter where you go. Noise-canceling in Space A40 is automatically adjusted to your environment based on external noises. No matter where you are—indoors, outdoors, commuting, or on a flight—enjoy your personal space. You can play up to 1,000 songs or watch 25 movies with that amount of playtime. One charge gives you 10 hours of playtime, and fast charging gives you 4 hours of playtime in 10 minutes. With Space A40 noise-canceling earbuds, soundscore's pioneering double-layer diaphragm drivers produce strong bass, clear mids, and bright treble. Alternatively, you can listen to Hi-Res Audio Wireless using LDAC mode. Designed to fit comfortably in your ears, the Space A40 noise-canceling wireless earbuds are smaller than all other soundscore ANC earbuds, lightweight, and as thin as a sheet of paper.

Jabra Elite 7 Active

In addition to being IP57-rated water and sweat-proof, Jabra ShakeGrip technology keeps each bud in your ear even during intense workouts. With HearThrough technology and adjustable ANC, you can choose the level of immersion and awareness you prefer during your workout. You can even listen to music using one bud with Mono Mode. Each bud offers up to 8 hours of battery life, and the case offers up to 30 hours of battery life. During your workout, you can ask Alexa or Google Assistant by simply tapping your bud - with an excellent fit in a minimalist, ultra-compact design.

Bose Noise Canceling 700

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 are acclaimed for powerful noise canceling, astonishing sound, and unmatched voice pickup, making them ideal for listening to music, working, or unwinding. These are the best wireless Bluetooth® headphones for music and calls. Exclusive Bose technologies provide big audio from a small package, a sound that stays consistent at any volume, and acoustic noise reduction, which gives you a blank canvas for your music or to tune out the world around you. Despite less-than-ideal conditions, their revolutionary mic system can make and take calls. Four mics suppress the most disruptive noise around you so your caller can hear you better, while six mics cancel the noise around you so you can hear them better. It's impossible to find headphones like these today. The Headphones 700 have easy-to-use touch controls that make it easy to operate them. A capacitive touch sensor on the right earcup lets you manage volume, calls, and music. To access music, messages, and information, low-profile buttons control power, noise canceling presets, and the phone's default voice assistant, like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. Long listening sessions are made comfortable with plush leather ear cushions. Earcups are tilted at 15 degrees to mimic human anatomy. An underside of silicone-covered foam enhances the comfort of the steel headband. Simple and reliable wireless connectivity. Using the Bose Headphones 700, you can quickly switch from listening to a playlist on your phone to taking a conference call on your laptop because they have a Bluetooth range of up to 9 meters. On a single charge, Bose Headphones 700 deliver up to 20 hours of wireless play. Keeping your favorite tunes playing all day is as easy as charging it for 15 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Find your passion. Galaxy Buds2 brings a new audio experience with balanced sound, unmatched comfort, ANC, and seamless connectivity. With better controls and feedback, you can work out, game, or jam to your beats. With two-way dynamic speakers, you'll hear powerful bass and clear treble. Galaxy Buds2 delivers a well-balanced sound that enriches every moment. Featuring three microphones and a built-in voice pickup unit, it helps you make clearer calls while filtering out unwanted sounds. Designed low to minimize wind disruption, it makes outdoor calls clear. Active Noise Canceling blocks unwanted sounds using two microphones. Keeping you fully immersed in music, games, audiobooks, and podcasts is possible by reducing background noise by up to 98%. With Galaxy Buds2, every audio experience is tailored to you. Featuring six equalizer settings, you can find your own pitch-perfect, vibrant sound. Despite its lightweight (5g each), Galaxy Buds2 keeps music snug in your ears. To get the best ANC experience, they offer three sizes of soft, flexible silicone tips. The Galaxy Buds2 keeps you connected and comfortable all day, whether you're watching your favorite shows, listening to your playlist, or enjoying the outdoors. When fully charged, the battery lasts up to 5 hours of playtime.

Audio-Technica ATH-M20xBT

All the features and audio quality you expect are included in the ATH-M20xBT. The ATH-M20xBT Bluetooth headphones feature powerful 40 mm drivers for enhanced low-frequency performance, delivering a full-range, high-fidelity audio experience. Take advantage of the same sonic signature as our wired studio monitor headphones. It has multipoint pairing capability for wirelessly connecting two devices, making it ideal for multimedia. Streaming and gaming are made smoother with the low latency mode of wireless headphones. The Audio-Technica over-ear headphones isolate sound well. Audiophiles searching for an ideal listening experience will find the ATH-M20xBT with its modern design and high-quality materials. On a full charge, the ATH-M20xBT headphones can last up to 60 hours, while a rapid charge can last up to 3 hours (via USB-C connection). Control calls, music playback, and volume easily with the microphone and buttons in the left earcup. With professional-grade materials for the ear pads and headband, the ATH-M20xBT has long-lasting durability.

Focal Bathys

In addition to sound immersion and freedom of movement, Bathys is Focal's first active noise-canceling headphones. With Bluetooth® and Active Noise Cancellation technologies, users can move freely and enjoy immersive listening without interruption from background noise. You just need to choose one of the noise cancellation modes and you'll be on your way to first-class music. Choose from 'Silent', 'Soft', or 'Transparency'. With fine materials and Focal made-in-France speakers, the Bathys headphones enhance your everyday life and your time away. Due to its distinctive, timeless Black Silver finish, it provides exceptional lightness and compactness. This ergonomic headphone combines refined materials - such as magnesium yokes and leather headband - to fit any head shape. On Focal's earcup grilles, there is a white backlight system that can be activated based on your preferences. With Focal's patented Aluminium/Magnesium M-dome speakers, you get high-fidelity, detailed sound. With a resolution of up to 24 bits/192 kHz, USB-DAC mode ensures exceptional and uncompromising sound quality. A Bluetooth® 5.1, Jack, and USB connection is available on the Bathys headphones. An app for iOS and Android lets you adjust EQ and add Amazon Alex voice assistants.

Bose QuietComfort 45

First, noise-canceling headphones are back with lightweight materials and proprietary acoustic technology. The perfect balance of comfort, sound, and silence is what makes them more than just an icon reborn. An acoustic architecture with TriPort brings depth and fullness to the listening experience. Due to its volume-optimized Active EQ, it keeps bass consistent at any volume while keeping music clear at any volume. You can choose Quiet Mode for full noise canceling or Aware Mode to hear your surroundings as well as your music. All-day comfort is provided by these wireless headphones. Their plush synthetic leather and impact-resistant nylon construction make them as luxurious as they are durable. A single charge will last you 24 hours. You can listen for 3 hours on the go with a quick 15-minute charge, or you can use the included audio cable to listen for longer.

Astell & Kern UW100

Astell&Kern's primary objective is to reproduce sound as closely as possible to its original source. Astell&Kern's first fully wireless earphone, the AK UW100, provides uncompromising wireless Hi-Fi sound without cables. With its separate embedded 32-bit DAC and Balanced Armature driver, the AK UW100 provides precise, high-quality audio with no loss of detail. Finally, the AK UW100 supports aptXTM Adaptive audio codecs for excellent audio quality. The AK UW100 combines all these features with ergonomic design and passive noise isolation (PNI) for a listening experience like no other. Inaudible digital signals are converted into audible analog signals by the DAC. As many generic TWS systems use the BT chipset for the DAC, the focus is on lower power consumption rather than better sound quality, and there are inherent limitations to improving sound quality. To immerse you fully in the music, the AK UW100 uses Passive Noise Isolation (PNI). A reduction in ambient noise and an increase in musical focus aren't necessary. PNI is sufficient to reduce physical noise when combined with the UW100's tried-and-tested ergonomic design. It supports Multi-Pairing and Multi-Point. Use your earbuds on multiple mobile devices at once. You can also seamlessly switch to another mobile device while actively allowing your smartphone to receive notifications and phone calls. Continuous playback is one of the key features of TWS systems, so no worries with AK UW100. The earbuds alone last up to 24 hours, so you can listen to music all day long. Tap to switch between functions: play music, answer calls, activate the ambient mode, adjust volume, and more. Voice Assistant is activated by three taps on the left earbud. You can control music playback, make phone calls, and more. With AK UW100's Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression technologies, it effectively reduces noise in a variety of settings and environments, ensuring call stability.

JLab Audio Go Air

Comfort and long battery life. Each earbud lasts up to 5 hours and the charging case up to 15 hours. Playtime of 20+ hours. Integrated charging cable and charging case allow hassle-free charging. Experience seamless connection, regardless of the situation, with either earbud. The earbuds auto-connect to your device, so no switching is needed. In each bud, a MEMS microphone ensures clear calls. Longer earbud stems to create a tighter seal, providing crystal-clear sound. On-the-go charging is integrated into the pocket-friendly case. Crystal clear sound is provided by 8mm neodymium drivers. All your tunes, calls and more will sound amazing with the optimized fit - try all three gel tip sizes. The JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost modes can be selected via touch sensors with just a tap or two. 2 Year Warranty on JLab GO Air Earbuds, Charging Case with Integrated Charging Cable, and 3 Gel Tips.

Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2 Headphones

The B&W Px7 S2 over-ear headphones feature a redesigned and optimized acoustic system, an angled drive unit design, and a more powerful motor system to deliver class-leading audio performance with improved clarity. It features (2) adjustable external microphones that improve voice clarity significantly, ensuring superior musicality; Active noise cancellation blocks unwanted noise and enhances musicality. These wireless headphones provide optimum comfort even after extended use, thanks to contemporary technical fabrics, lightweight polymer arms, and all-around improvements to ear cushion fit. The Apple/Android compatible B&W Music App lets you adjust EQ settings, control voice, and change ANC modes using the multi-function button on the ear cup. Providing 30 hours of battery life from a 2-hour charge and 7 hours of playback from a 15-minute charge, these B&W Bluetooth headphones are perfect for commuting, working in an office, or traveling.

Sony LinkBuds

With an open-ring design, you can stay naturally connected to what's going on around you while listening to calls, music, online content, and games. The audio can be controlled with a simple tap of your ear. Crystal-clear phone calls are guaranteed by Precision Voice Pickup technology. By integrating the V1 processor, you get balanced, high-quality audio. It lasts up to 5.5 hours (earbuds) and 17.5 hours with a charging case. After just 10 minutes of charging, you can enjoy 90 minutes of playback. According to IPX4, the design is splash-proof and sweat-proof. Depending on your environment, it optimizes the sound. Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa can be used to access music, information, and more. Touch-based activation. Featuring a USB-C charging cable and five sizes of fitting supports, it is suitable for a wide range of ear shapes.

HP HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless

Enhance the smoothness and cleanliness of your gaming experience. The dual-chamber driver system in the HyperXTM Cloud Alpha allows the bass, mids, and highs to be tuned separately for reduced distortion. Designed for prolonged gaming sessions, HyperX comfort is perfect for climbing the ranks. With Cloud Alpha's audio advantage, you can boost your game with crystal-clear communication. In-game audio is more accurate and smoother with 50mm drivers since they separate bass frequencies from mids and highs. HyperX memory foam and soft leatherette combine to create an over-ear design. The frame is constructed from aluminum to ensure durability and stability. Volume adjustment and mic muting are easy with the detachable braided cable. Connect when you're playing a game and unplug when you're listening to music. With clearer voice quality and excellent sound, you can communicate with your squad more effectively. A 3.5mm port makes the Cloud Alpha compatible with PCs, PS4TMs, XboxTMs, Nintendo SwitchTMs, and other platforms.

Belkin Soundform Mini

Premium wireless on-ear headphones designed just for kids will keep their ears comfortable and protected. Kids will love the easy pairing and intuitive controls, while their 85dB volume cap keeps them safe during long listens, regardless of whether they're doing schoolwork online or watching videos in the backseat. Kids can enjoy uninterrupted time with their favorite sounds thanks to a battery life of up to 30 hours, and the device has been tested for durability for up to 2 years to ensure they're safe from spills and accidents. Compatible with popular distance-learning devices and apps, and includes an optional wired connection. Battery lasts 28-30 hours when listening to music. In order to protect kids' ears during listening, learning, and playing, a volume cap of 85 decibels has been implemented. Built-in microphone lets kids talk to teachers and friends. Kids can stay connected to their devices even if they move around while listening thanks to Bluetooth 5.0. Works with popular learning devices such as iPads and Amazon Fire Tablets, as well as programs such as Zoom and Schoology.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT

With exceptional clarity and deep, accurate bass, the ATH-M50xBT harnesses the legendary M50x studio sound for an extraordinary wireless listening experience. Featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology and 45 mm large-aperture drivers with rare-earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils, the ATH-M50xBT delivers the coveted sonic signature of M50x. The M50xBT's wide and balanced sound signature ensures that every style of music sounds amazing. Japanese audio innovation has created crisp highs and punchy bass lines. With its inbuilt microphone, the M50xBT is perfect for streaming, online, and co-op. There is no unnecessary bulk, wires, or connectors, your voice is isolated and background noise is minimized. The included 3.5mm connector can be used to connect to your PC, games console, or to any other device with a USB port. Featuring up to 40 hours of battery life and professional-grade comfort, the M50xBT is an excellent choice for your daily audio drivers. With their foldable versatility and exquisite sound design, you'll love using them for travel, commuting, or working at home. By passively isolating noise, these headphones allow you to concentrate on your colleagues during a call or get into the flow while listening to your favorite tracks, podcasts, or audiobooks. With Bluetooth 5.0, you can take calls up to 10m away from your desk without losing the signal.

Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless

Introducing MOMENTUM 4 Wireless, the next generation. They deliver brilliant dynamics, clarity, and musicality with their audiophile-inspired 42mm transducer system. EQ, presets, sound modes, and Sound Personalization allow you to customize the sound to your hearing. The new generation of Adaptive Noise Cancellation automatically adapts to ambient noise, keeping you immersed, even in noisy environments. Do you need to hear a train announcement or a colleague's question? With Transparency Mode, you can hear outside sounds without removing your headphones. A padded headband and deep, yet soft, cushioned earpads ensure exceptional and long-lasting wearing comfort with the M4. A low-friction hinge mechanism allows you to adjust the fit without putting too much pressure on your head. Fast charging capability provides another 6 hours of listening after just 10 minutes of charging, so you can keep listening while flying around the globe. With Smart Pause, your music will pause when you remove your headphones and resume when you put them back on, and Auto On/Off turns the headset on when you pick it up and shuts it off when not in use.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2

These new Bose earbuds don't fit everyone, they're wireless, Bluetooth, and noise-canceling. Designed for you, these wireless earbuds are next-generation. Noise cancellation and sound performance are intelligently customized for uninterrupted, immersive listening. Three pairs of ear tips and three pairs of custom stability bands ensure all-day comfort and a secure fit. Embrace your uniqueness with fit and sound. Using intelligent noise cancellation, QuietComfort Earbud II lets you enjoy a deep, immersive sound and the world's best noise cancellation. Bose Fit Kit ensures that QC Earbuds II stay put no matter what you do. For all-day comfort and a secure fit, the Fit Kit includes three pairs of soft silicone ear tips and stability bands. To control everything, use the wireless earbuds' simple touch interface. Stay focused on what you do with this convenient interface. Play or pause music, and adjust the noise cancellation level without even touching your phone. Stream up to six hours of music. Voice prompts warn you when the battery gets low. From a 20-minute charge, the quick-charge option provides 2 hours of battery life. With advanced Bluetooth 5.3 capabilities, Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II will stay connected to your device. With Bluetooth 4.0, you can stay connected to your device within 30 feet as long as you're within range. It keeps track of the last seven paired devices for easy switching.

Soundcore by Anker Space Q45

A wide range of noises is blocked out by the fully-upgraded noise canceling system, including plane engines and crying babies. The Space Q45 noise-canceling headphones give you space wherever you go. It automatically selects an appropriate level depending on your location, whether indoors, outdoors, commuting, or on a flight. The app also offers 5 levels of noise cancellation. The noise-canceling mode provides 50 hours of playtime without recharging. They charge for five minutes and you will get four hours of playtime in normal mode. To produce intense bass and crisp treble, the 40mm drivers have a silk and ceramic double-layer diaphragm. Hi-Res Audio Wireless is also supported by Space Q45 headphones. Noise-canceling Space Q45 headphones feature a refined design, ergonomic build, and comfort-enhancing details.

JBL Live Pro 2

True Adaptive Noise Cancellation adjusts to your surroundings and provides better sound wherever you are. Want to hear what's around you? Focus on your environment with Smart Ambient, all without taking off your JBL Live Pro 2 TWS earbuds. Play music for up to 40 hours powered by Qi-compatible charging (10 hours in buds and 30 hours in case). If you're out of power, a quick 15-minute charge will provide you with another 4 hours of playtime, and you can fully charge in 2 hours. With six beamforming microphones, the JBL Live Pro 2 TWS ensures that your words are always clearly heard. JBL Signature Sound is found in many of the world's most famous venues, delivering incredibly clear music and calls. For a perfect fit, the JBL Live Pro 2 TWS headphones are designed with oval tubes and oval silicon tips. Stick-closed oval tubes improve noise cancellation and audio quality for those who prefer cleaner aesthetics. Pairing is quick and effortless as you choose mono, stereo, or both earbuds. Multi-Point Connection (Dual Pairing) lets you switch your headphone input between Bluetooth devices quickly and easily. By simply touching the earbud or speaking up to activate the voice assistant you can choose your preferred voice assistant.

By Rashmi Goel