If you opt for the best cloud storage service, you can easily, securely, and quickly back up your critical data and files online, whether you are an individual or a business. A number of services compete for your business in this growing market, and all offer safe storage of your important files, such as photos, videos, music, or documents. The comparison of cloud storage and local storage is a worthwhile consideration when considering all the options available to businesses. As technology has advanced, encryption and interfaces have improved, and pricing plans have become more affordable, cloud storage has become the demonstrably stronger option for secure and safe backups. It is important to note that while focusing on the best premium cloud data storage, these providers also offer free and business cloud storage services. Ultimately, if you make the right decision, you can save time and money if you need to upgrade at some point in the future.

iDrive cloud storage
IDrive Cloud Storage Review – Is It Worth Investing In?
As the best cloud storage service available for premium users, IDrive offers great value for money and highly secure storage, making it the best secure cloud storage and the best encrypted cloud storage as well. There is no doubt that its greatest advantage is that it is able to cover both local and network drives, which means that everything from servers to mobile devices is covered. Shared files can be shared via email, Facebook, and Twitter, and up to 30 previous versions of backups can be restored. IDrive Express provides a physical hard disk drive for backups in case you lose all your data, making backups quick and easy. Cloud files are not automatically deleted if your hardware is deleted, so there is no risk of permanently erasing valuable data. The best cloud storage for photos and best photo storage apps include IDrive, and photo-minded users will be pleased to learn there's a facial recognition feature that automatically organizes and syncs images. A one-year subscription to 10TB of storage costs only $3.98.

pCloud cloud storage
pCloud: As good as a cloud sync service gets | TechRepublic
pCloud is a Swiss service that offers no file size limitation, making it an ideal solution for storing large media files, although there are some bandwidth limitations. With pCloud Transfer, you can send up to 5GB for free, which is available for desktops and mobile devices, as well as a web-based login. It is also possible to purchase pCloud Crypto on a monthly, annual, or lifetime basis, which can encrypt individual files. Files can be stored easily using desktop and mobile apps, as well as pCloud's website thanks to its appealing, highly functional interface. The platform's simple file-sharing capabilities allow you to share files with individuals who do not use pCloud, while built-in streaming capabilities enable you to view video or listen to music. In terms of pricing, lifetime subscriptions are included, which is a fairly unusual feature for cloud services. Despite the difference in storage and download link traffic, both offer unlimited remote upload traffic and 30 days of trash history.

Sync cloud storage Review (2022) - Best Secure Cloud Storage - Kripesh Adwani
It's obvious from the name that Sync is a file syncing service: install the app on all your hardware, drop a file into the Sync folder on one device, and it will appear on all the other devices. Sync's design limits backup capabilities (you are only protecting what is contained within the Sync folder), but it makes the apps extremely easy to use and they still manage to surpass many other providers in other areas. Using versioning, you are able to restore files that were created within the last 180 days (most providers stop at 30 days). You are also able to automatically sync photos and videos as they are taken with the mobile apps. There are several sophisticated options available for sharing files, including the ability to create read-only, password-protected, or expiring links, set download limits, and more. Office documents can be opened and edited directly from the Sync space for Microsoft 365 users. Browse your files directly from Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder, making it easier to locate what you are looking for. Two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption ensure the security of your data. A variety of features are available that are designed to meet the needs of businesses and teams. From a central console, you can request files from multiple people, comment on file sharing links, share folders with teams, view activity logs, and manage everyone. Even the cheapest 2TB Solo Basic plan costs $96 a year, but if Sync's feature set suits your needs, then it could be a wise investment. For those interested in trying this service for free, there is a 5GB plan available.

Google Drive storage
How To Get More Free Google Drive Cloud Storage Space?
It is quite easy to access Google Drive, a cloud storage service. Have you got an Android device? There is a built-in feature for this. Having a Google account? Access to it is possible through a web browser. Several third-party apps with Drive support are available for Mac and iOS. One of the most noteworthy features of Google Drive is its integration with other Google applications. You can create, edit, and share cloud files with others without ever downloading anything with Google's Sheets, Docs, and Slides. Among the features of the free plan is a market-leading 15GB storage space, as well as additional storage with additional apps. With easy access to data from apps and your browser, the ability to restore previous versions of files, as well as offline access when you are not connected, Google Drive provides more than cloud storage essentials. In spite of this, not all is well. As with many competitors, the sync process isn't as easy, and there is no end-to-end encryption; theoretically, Google may be able to view your files. If you are not a fan of Google, it may not be worth your time to tie yourself so closely to its ecosystem. Those who do not upgrade will find that it offers a slick and powerful free service, as well as a variety of beneficial features. It includes 2TB of storage, plus 10% off purchases at Google Store, access to Google experts, and even a VPN for Android and iOS for $99.99.

Dropbox Cloud storage
Google Drive vs Microsoft OneDrive vs Dropbox: Which Cloud Storage Is The  Best ? - Dazeinfo
As Dropbox was the first to offer online storage, it is not surprising that so many of us have Dropbox accounts. Dropbox Basic provides only 2GB of free storage, but it is available on all platforms. Dropbox offers a variety of ways to access your files, including the Dropbox website, desktop applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux, the native file system, as well as mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. Even Blackberry phones are supported. It is simple to set up and there is no need to worry about syncing files. For a monthly fee of $20, Dropbox offers a personal storage plan that can be upgraded up to 3TB. Teams with 5TB of storage can begin using Dropbox Business for $15 per month. The cost of this level of service will be at least $45 per month if you have a minimum of three users. Starting with at least three users, the Advanced option provides unlimited storage for $25 per user per month. It would therefore cost $75 per month as a starting price. Trial periods of 30 days are offered with these latter plans. The simplicity of Dropbox is unmatched -- and the fact that it can be used on nearly any platform is another.

Zoolz Cloud Backup
Zoolz Cloud Backup The Most Affordable Cloud Backup In The World
As part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem, Zoolz provides high-quality cloud storage services. The program boasts excellent security, including full 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption and compliance with various legislative frameworks, including (HIPPA) the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and (GDPR) the General Data Protection Regulation. A It is possible to try out the service for free with 50GB, which allows you to evaluate it before making a commitment. For 1TB of storage, the monthly fee ranges from $14.99 to $674.99. Annual payment offers significant savings. Regardless of the business plan selected, the number of users, server backups, and external drive connections are unlimited. There is also an excellent live support service available 24/7, as well as a comprehensive help center available for users. Zoolz offers a user-friendly desktop interface and mobile apps for managing files on the go. These are clunky and frustrating to use, while upload and download speeds are slow, which could be a problem if you often work with large files.

Backblaze cloud storage
Stay on Budget with Backblaze Cloud Storage - Techicy
There are some cloud storage services that attempt to provide every possible sharing and syncing feature, but Backblaze adheres to a much simpler approach: it provides personal and business backups, and that's it. In this regard, the company performs very well. As an example, all plans include unlimited backup space without a limit on file size. Backblaze is extremely easy to use. Simply install the app on your PC or Mac (mobile backups are not available, unfortunately) and it will automatically detect changes to files and upload them to the cloud as they occur. The secure features include two-factor verification for your account, as well as a private encryption key to ensure no one (including Backblaze) will be able to access your files online. The cost of personal plans is reasonable at $70 per device per year. The service does not offer a free tier, but there is a 15-day free trial that allows you to test the service prior to purchasing. Backblaze is now free for a year when you subscribe to our #1 favorite, ExpressVPN (plus you receive three extra months of ExpressVPN protection).

Microsoft OneDrive storage
Microsoft OneDrive: Cloud Storage Price Showdown
Microsoft has used OneDrive as its cloud storage solution since the release of Windows 10. Immediately accessible from the file explorer, this feature allows users to jumpstart their online backup process immediately. A mobile upload application for Android and iOS users, as well as an improved version for Mac users, is also available. As OneDrive is a Microsoft platform that integrates closely with Microsoft 365, making it useful if you are looking to increase your productivity. Images can be synced across all your devices, and you can selectively sync files stored on your hard drive. There are a number of features that are available in the mobile app, including multi-page scanning, which allows you to save multiple pages as a single document, and access them from anywhere from any device. As part of the basic paid plan, you will receive 50GB, and if you are already a Microsoft 365 subscriber, you will receive 1TB as well. OneDrive is most attractive due to its integration with Microsoft Office applications and its collaborative features are not restricted to users of OneDrive. As part of OneDrive's business and home offerings, the service offers four plans: two of these are OneDrive only, while the other two include Microsoft 365 as well. The Microsoft 365 Family plan is available for $9.99 a month ($99.99 a year) and includes storage for up to six people (1TB each). Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Skype are included in Microsoft 365 plans. One-month free trials are also available with the most expensive plans.

Icedrive cloud storage
Icedrive Review - 9 Pros & 4 Cons of Using Icedrive Cloud Storage
IceDrive, a new cloud storage company based in the UK, may not yet have the power and polish of its major competitors, but it has enough nifty features to merit a closer look. From Explorer, users can browse their storage space, for example, moving, renaming, opening, and editing files just as they would on a local drive. A Streaming media files is available with a built-in player in the Windows, Mac and Linux app, and you can browse files, preview documents, and browse documents without having to download them first. To ensure that your sensitive information is protected from snoopers, smart service design uses multiple encryption technologies. Encryption keys are used in the apps to encrypt files that never leave your device, for example. Your data would remain locked up and unavailable even if the world's best hackers gained access to IceDrive's servers. Getting started is easy with IceDrive's 10GB free plan, although there are some limitations (no client-side encryption, a 3GB bandwidth limit per day). IceDrive's subscriptions are so reasonably-priced, however, that we can forgive such shortcomings. It is possible to obtain 150GB of storage space for only $19.99 per year, for example, with the Lite plan. An annual fee of $49.99 is charged for 1TB of storage, $179.99 for 5TB and $599 for 5TB of storage, with lifetime options ranging from a one-time fee of $99 for 150GB to $599 for 5TB.

NordLocker cloud storage

NordLocker Review | PCMag
Developed by the same people behind NordVPN, one of the best VPN services available, NordLocker is a simple and highly secure cloud storage tool. A great deal of ease of use is provided by the service. In order to use Dropbox, you must first create a locker on your Windows or Mac computer (Android and iOS devices can only use the web interface.) You then drag and drop your files into the locker, and they will be instantly uploaded to the cloud. Your files are safeguarded by industry-standard encryption algorithms such as AES-256 and xChaCha20-Poly1305 for the highest level of security. The use of multi-factor authentication ensures that hackers are prevented from hacking your account, and zero-knowledge architecture ensures that only you are capable of decrypting your data. There is a relatively limited amount of file sharing available. It is possible to do so, but it is limited in terms of options and the recipient must have a NordLocker account and be using the app. Initially, prices may appear to be reasonable but they will increase in the future. Storage for 500GB is priced at $38.28 for the first year, and $69.98 for renewal; 2TB is priced at $95.88 for the first year, but jumps to $179.88 after that. NordLocker's free plan gives you 3GB storage, which is a bit disappointing given that you often get 5-10GB elsewhere, but it's still enough to try it out.

Amazon Cloud Drive Storage
Amazon Drive cloud storage review | Tom's Guide
Amazon S3 is an object storage service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). In reality, that isn't what individuals use. In terms of storage services, Amazon Cloud Drive is not a top-notch option, both for personal use and for small businesses. Amazon Cloud Drive has improved significantly over the past few years. A new version of Amazon Cloud Drive is now available for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows users. However, it does not yet have a Linux client. Web interface, however, remains a bit clunky. Amazon copies files at the block level, which is a plus. When you sync a file, you only send and receive the differences (the delta) between the files. Dropbox also uses this method. Consequently, these services allow users to sync files much more quickly than their competitors. As an Amazon Prime member, you will also have access to unlimited, full-resolution photo storage and 5GB of video storage with Prime Photos. Amazon Cloud Drive offers five gigabytes of free storage for Prime members. For Amazon Prime members, Amazon Drive is well worth your time. It is recommended that you continue your search if you are not.

Box Cloud Storage
Set up a Box account and get 10GB of cloud storage, FREE!
In the cloud content management and file sharing sector, Box has been a mainstay for almost 15 years. Among its strongest features are its broad management capabilities and emphasis on security, as well as its intuitive UI that makes you feel right at home. The platform is compatible with a number of commonly used app packages, including Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Box's pricing clearly indicates that businesses are its key demographic. While Box offers both individual and business plans, its pricing structure for the former is very simple. There is no charge for up to 10GB of storage and a maximum file size of 250MB, or $10 a month for the Personal Pro plan with up to 100GB of storage and 5GB of file size. Users of the Box apps for desktops can use both the Box Drive client, which is available for both Windows and Mac, as well as the official Box app for Android mobile devices.

Nextcloud Cloud Storge
Install Cache-Enhanced Nextcloud Cloud Storage on the Ubuntu Linux Server –  The New Stack
In technical terms, Nextcloud does not provide online cloud storage services. Instead, it is a self-hosted file sync and collaboration platform, which provides free software that can be installed on your own server and managed by you. Self-hosted products provide better performance and complete control over their data since they are stored on your servers. This may seem intimidating for beginners or impossible for serverless users, but Nextcloud comes pre-configured with preconfigured hardware. Despite the fact that it is free, open-source software, you need to factor in the costs of installing it, setting it up, running it, and administering it. Nevertheless, if you already possess an infrastructure, you may be able to save money by using Nextcloud rather than a commercial cloud storage solution. A variety of pricing plans are available, all of which are pre-configured and ready for use. Monthly payment plans are not available for these services. They are billed annually. If you have at least 50 users, you can choose Nextcloud Enterprise, a pre-configured, production-ready version of Nextcloud, which can be deployed, optimized, and maintained by a third-party provider.

Apple iCloud Storage
How to Save Files to iCloud Drive on Your Mac
Following in the footsteps of Microsoft, Apple offers its own cloud storage service. In spite of the fact that 5GB of free storage will not be sufficient to completely back up your iPhone or iPad, the paid subscriptions are reasonably priced. It is noteworthy that the service is easily accessible across Apple's various platforms. It is possible to store anything through the Mac Finder app, which integrates with iCloud Drive, and also sync your iWork documents across all your devices. iCloud Drive can also be accessed via the iCloud website if you are a Windows user with an iPhone. While iCloud's 5GB of free space is better than other providers, it is significantly less than Google Drive's 15GB. It is also possible to add However, there is no option for long-term subscriptions, which may be a significant disadvantage for some users.

SpiderOak Storage
SpiderOak Crossclave Reviews, Ratings, and Features - Gartner 2022
Cloud storage with zero-knowledge entails encryption, which, according to SpiderOak, takes place before syncing, so it does not know what you have stored. Consequently, your data remains completely confidential since only you know what is being encrypted and saved. SpiderOak has not made the source code public, so you will have to take their word for it. With a 21-day free trial, you can see how the service works and test it before purchasing. Considering its focus on security and privacy, the interface is straightforward and simple, with a convenient drag-and-drop feature that makes file organization easy and convenient. The application is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, although the mobile apps are read-only and do not allow you to upload files. The most affordable SpiderOak One plan is $6 per month, and it includes 150GB of storage and support for an unlimited number of devices.

MEGA Cloud Storage
How to upload files from Telegram to MEGA cloud storage for free. | Tech  Tracker
Invented by Kim Dotcom, MEGA allows you to upload files using an encrypted connection, and maintain control over your encryption key. The use of this method effectively prevents others from scanning your content, including MEGA. Moreover, its sync client is open-source and is subject to vulnerability assessments. The fact that Mega offers a 50GB free plan is a rarity in the field of cloud storage, so MEGA delivers right from the start. The best cloud storage solutions have an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. Users can upload files and photos via a mobile app, while desktop users can sync their files using a desktop client. Paid options range from Pro Lite to Pro III, with only storage and transfer amounts differing (all four maintain the same additional features). The Business plan offers 15TB of storage, unlimited data transfers, and other features.

By Rashmi Goel